About Keith

Keith Bouchard is an innovating professional at the forefront of the fields of commercial farming, cannabis cultivation, and agricultural technology. He is truly a renaissance man in the era of legal cannabis cultivation. He is a grower, organic farmer, inventor, entrepreneur, published author, teacher, business owner, and creative collaborator. By opening and operating several startups, Keith has developed extensive entrepreneurial experience in cannabis consulting services, organic greenhouse construction, and cultivation technologies. 

Since graduating from Georgia State University’s Robinson School of Business, Keith has gained comprehensive experience in scalable mass crop production through co-founding and managing a large commercial indoor/outdoor organic farm in Georgia. From Georgia, Keith moved to Colorado and became founder and co-inventor at Multiponics, an indoor gardening manufacturer and online boutique store. 

Keith has been published multiple times as a contributing author in Maximum Yield Magazine, an international gardening publication. His passion for innovation and conservation is paving the way for future farming and cultivation practices. As Keith’s main focus is always on the end product, his attention to detail and innovative mindset into the processes that allow him to arrive there are what set Keith apart from the standard industry professional. 

Keith vows to advance the term “green” to an entirely new level and change industry standards across the globe. His technological developments in water conservation, maximizing limited grow area, and combining natural environments with controlled environments are an absolute necessity as the world population continues to expand while resources simultaneously become more expensive and limited. Striving to minimize the resources needed to grow sustainable food, Keith is on a mission to change the way the world not only consumes food, but also how it views industrial farming, mass production, and limited natural resources. 

About Keith's Companies

Multiponics is an equipment manufacturer and provider to agriculture research firms and universities as well as large commercial cannabis producers such as Tweed in Canada. Multiponics has a passion for pushing innovative ag-tech forward and was a consultant to the NASA-funded X-Hab project via CU in Boulder, where they are building a prototype robotic greenhouse that could remotely grow food on Mars. 

Keith was recruited by Cannabis University, Inc. to become a classroom grow instructor, a position which has evolved into consulting and providing clients with cultivation and business planning services.

Managed Grow provides custom cultivation services ranging from greenhouse and building design to team training and specialized crop solutions. Managed Grow has successfully improved clients' operational yields by increasing capacity, lowering costs, and staff training. 

Keith and partner Jonathan Bryan co-founded Hemp Flow in 2019, a hemp oil product with profits flowing into local river restoration and conservation projects. Hemp Flow is a premium full spectrum hemp oil sourced from southern Colorado hemp farms. 

Keith's innovative and diverse experience from all past and current projects contribute to a horizontally integrated organization covering supply chain, operations, and development. Keith’s focus is on the future where he will be managing and growing ACME into a formidable Colorado cannabis market shareholder with an eye on national and global expansion.

Additional Accomplishments

Donates to local charities on environmental causes
Instructor and consultant at Cannabis University, Inc. - 5 years
Trained staff and improved production capacity of large caregiver facility
Published in Maximum Yield Magazine, leading international indoor garden publication
Served on Advisory Board for sustainable greenhouse design, Ivy Wild School, CO Springs
Founded and co-invented Multiponics, ag-tech innovator
Co-founded, designed and managed large commercial organic farm, Metro-Atlanta, GA
Consulted with NASA-funded X-Hab project via the University of Colorado in Boulder
Collaborated on automation projects with Autoponics LLC
Contributed to CO Springs, green coalition for sustainable, local food production
Contributed to Emory University's sustainability initiative project as a local food producer, Atlanta GA
BBA from GSU in Atlanta - focusing in management and entrepreneurship
Marching band MVP and drum section leader, high school senior year
Eagle Scout award, highest rank in scouting - 1995